Urban Evangelism at its Best...

Justin Kim
Communications Director
Michigan Conference of SDA
  The three largest urban centers in Michigan are Detroit (4.3 million people), Grand Rapids (1 million), and Lansing (almost 1/2 million). Of Michigan's 9.8 million people, nearly 60% reside in these cities. Their metropolitan density makes radio do more than in rural areas. With the grave responsibility the Lord has given us in these last days, why not join me and my family and contribute to the most efficient means of urban evangelism, regardless of where you live… Strong Tower Radio.

God has given Strong Tower Radio the opportunity to purchase two radio stations 1540 AM & 104.7FM in Lansing.These two stations would allow them to reach the almost 1/2 million people living in this region. Cost to purchase these two stations, update and move equipment to begin broadcasting is $300,000.00. They need to raise the funds before the end of 2015. Please join me and my family and prayerfully consider making a sacrificial gift to the “Lansing Project” today!

To give a gift, call them at 877-278-5512, or send your check to Strong Tower Radio, PO Box 567, Cadillac, MI 49601. You can also CLICK HERE to give on-line with your credit card. Thank you so much for your continued prayers and financial support!

Best Sermons This Side of Heaven...

Be sure to check out our new "Sermons Page!" We are currently loading on our site many new programs including evangelistic series, individual sermons, hot topics, round table discussions and more! Additional material is added on a weekly basis, so check back often! Below we have picked out three doozies that we believe you will enjoy immensely!

Wes Peppers
2-Part Series
"My Personal Testimony"
Cory Herthel
3-Part Series
"A Royal Priesthood"


David Shin
3-Part Series
"Let the Words of My Mouth"

1. The Atheist Who Found God
1. Chosen to Exemplify
1. Slow to Speak
2. Cancer, Crisis & the Cross   2. Chosen Ahead of Time   2. Slander
    3. Chosen to Testify   3. Bits, Rudders & Fires

Gay Christians? Parts I & II

Tami & Pat Milligan
We are taping a number of new programs here at the Strong Tower Radio studios. One such program is called "Making It Real & Practical with the Milligans." Although we are not quite ready to begin airing this new program, the Milligans just interviewed Wayne Blakley, a former homosexual who has not only been set free from the penalty of sin, but also from the power of sin in his life. These were such a powerful interviews, and so relevant for today, that we decided to air them immediately. Listen to Part I. Listen to Part II.

During these interviews, Wayne gives much needed council to the Christian community on how to invite your gay friends to church, sharing a crucified, risen and soon coming Saviour and how your church can provide a supportive environment for people of all persuasions, as they distance themselves from the sin that is so prevalent in each of our lives. Listen to Part I. Listen to Part II. You can also receive the free book offered during the program (Passion of Love) by calling 877-278-5512 in the United States or 231-468-2087 in Canada.


Favorite Programs...
Tough Questions   20 Questions   Jennifer's Kitchen

“Tough Questions,” features Pastors Darryl Bentley and Cory Herthel. During each program the guys share solid, Biblical principles on how to study the scriptures and then answer "Tough Questions."  Their latest program is about "Left Behind." Listen here.
Listen in as spiritual giants who love Jesus with all of their hearts answer 20 questions that share the depth of their relationship with Christ and how they traveled the road to get where they are today. Enjoy listening to Dr. Yvonne Lewis from share her answers here.
Join nationally known author and weight loss guru Jennifer White, as she shares her "15 Tools for Healthy Weight Loss" with Jilane & George on Strong Tower Radio Today. You'll be blessed as you listen and then begin to infuse these 15 tools into your life. Listen here.

"Discover" Bible Guides...
"Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path."
  Have you ever wanted to study the Bible but in the privacy of your own home, at your own pace, and on your own time? If so, Strong Tower Radio has a unique opportunity just for you. We now offer a wonderful on-line, Bible study series called “Discover,” that will help you to expand your Biblical knowledge and enhance your relationship with Jesus. Each lesson answers some of life's most challenging questions such as, "Can I Really Trust the Bible? If God is a God of love, why is there so much sin and suffering in the world? Does God really have a plan for my life? How do I know that God truly loves me? And many, many more. Click here to get started today! You'll love it!

Favorite Archived Programs...

"Strong Tower Radio Today" is a 60-minute variety program that features guests discussing a variety of topics including healthy lifestyle choices, missions, testimonies, religious liberty, personal ministry, Bible prophecy and more.Prepare to be blessed!  "20 Questions" features spiritual giants who answer questions that give the listener insights into how they can improve their personal relationship with Christ.
STR Today   STR Today   20 Questions
01. Faith Challenged   11. Bisrat: Part 1   01. Tami Milligan
02. Activated Charcoal   12. Bisrat: Part 2   02. Diane Kobor
03. Noah: Another Storm is Coming   13. Exodus Showdown   03. LuAnn Graf
04. Destroying God's Word   14. Jennifer White   04. Cory Herthel
05. Exodus: Part 1       05. Ruthie Calkins
06. Natural Remedies       06. John Lomacang
07. Dare to Be a Daniel       07. Gail Macomber
08. Dr. Zeno       08. Justin Kim
09. Creation, Evolution & Christians       09. Darryl Bentley
10.  Christmas in My Heart        
The "Open My Eyes" Bible Study Series is a round table discussion featuring Pastors Darryl Bentley and Cory Herthel as they discuss Bible doctrines, how they color your picture of God and how that picture then impacts your relationship with Him. Study guides for each program are also available for download. Our "Friday Blog" is a weekly spiritual nugget authored by area pastors throughout Michigan and Sault, Ontario.
Open My Eyes Series   Open My Eyes Guides   Friday Blog
01. Is the Devil in Charge of Hell?   01. Study Guide 1   08. He Is My Shepherd
02. Are the Dead Really Dead?   02. Study Guide 2   07. Color Blind
03. The Law: Written in Stone?   03. Study Guide 3   06. Bitter or Better?
04. Secret of the 2nd Coming   04. Study Guide 4   05. The Language of Love
05. Is Obedience Legalism?   05. Study Guide 5   04. One Step Closer
06. Lost Day in History?   06. Study Guide 6   03. Beautiful Harmony
07. Angel Messages   07. Study Guide 7   02. What Am I Waiting For?
08. Did God Create the Devil?   08. Study Guide 8   01. Putting God First
09. Keys for a Happy Marriage   09. Study Guide 9    
10. Colossal City in Space   10. Study Guide 10    
11. 1000 Years of Peace   11. Study Guide 11    
12. God Drew the Plans   12. Study Guide 12    
13. God's Free Health Plan   13. Study Guide 13    
14. Love That Transforms   14. Study Guide 14    
15. Is There Anything Left to Trust?   15. Study Guide 15    
16. Who Is Anti-Christ?   16. Study Guide 16    
17. Astrologers & Psychics   17. Study Guide 17    

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