Praising God at Strong Tower Radio...

  This past Sabbath was a "High Sabbath" for Strong Tower Radio as we began broadcasting on WAVC 93.9FM in Mio, Michigan. With thousands in attendance, General Conference President Ted Wilson offered a prayer of dedication for the new station, and then was joined by Michigan Conference President Jay Gallimore and Strong Tower Radio Marketing & Development Director George Corliss as they pressed the "On Air" button to begin broadcasting on WAVC 93.9FM in Mio. All those in attendance then sang, "Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow."

We want to thank everyone for their prayers and financial support in helping this project come to fruition. God is so good!

7 Reasons to Support Strong Tower Radio...
1. Strong Tower Radio never sleeps, needs a break or a vacation. It works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

2. Strong Tower Radio can be heard anywhere, in cars, at home, in the workplace, on vacation or during recreational activities.

3. Strong Tower Radio sows beside all waters. It breaks through prejudice, political and cultural barriers and is a non-threatening medium of presenting truth.

4. Strong Tower Radio (through the power of God) plows the ground of the heart, plants the seeds of the Gospel and nurtures a saving, loving relationship with God.

5. Strong Tower Radio reaches almost 2.5 million people throughout Michigan on WGCP 91.9FM Cadillac, WBHL 90.7FM Harrison, WIHC 97.9FM Newberry, WUPJ 90.9FM Escanaba, WAVC 93.9FM Mio and TV-23 Cadillac.

6. Strong Tower Radio will soon be expanding our coverage to other regions in Michigan.

7. Strong Tower Radio is inexpensive. It costs pennies on the dollar to reach each person with the Gospel.

Click here to give a gift on-line or call us toll-free at 877-278-5512 to become a partner in our ministry.
The Garden Guy - Efrain Rosalez...

Efrain Rosalez
If you enjoy gardening then you will love each of these podcasts of our Strong Tower Radio Today Programs featuring the"The Garden Guy", Master Gardener Efrain Rosalez. Efrain answers questions from listeners throughout Michigan and Sault, Ontario on hundreds of subjects including Colarado Potato Beetles, tomato blight, attracting bees & butterflies, composting, natural insectacides, climate zones, fruit trees, shrubs, flower gardens, lilacs, roses, eliminating moles & other varmits and many more. Click on any link below to listen.
Garden Guy Podcasts...
March 2013 April 2013
May 2013 June 2013
May 2014 June 2014

"Open My Eyes" Bible Study Series...


Does it really matter what you believe when it comes to the scriptures? Absolutely! Because what you believe will have a profound impact on your picture of God and your relationship with him. Join George Corliss, Jilane Fenner and Pastor's Cory Herthel and Darryl Bentley in a round table discussion, as they explore different Bible doctrines during the "Open My Eyes" Bible Study Series. Click on a link below to listen, or if you would like a copy of this podcast and share it with your friends, right click on any link below and choose "Save Link As."
Bible Study Podcasts Study Guides
1. Devil in Charge of Hell? Guide One
2. Are the Dead Really Dead? Guide Two
3. Written in Stone Guide Three
4. Secret of the 2nd Coming Guide Four
5. Is Obedience Legalism? Guide Five
6. Lost Day in History Guide Six
7. Angel Messages Guide Seven
8. Did God Create the Devil? Guide Eight
9. Keys for a Happy Marriage Guide Nine
More topics will be added monthly!

Let's Play 20 Questions...


"Let's Play 20 Questions" will share the depth of a person’s relationship with Christ and how they traveled the road to get where they are today. By listening to their life story, and applying their thoughts and ideas to your life, we believe you can deepen your relationship with Christ and others around you. Join George Corliss and Jilane Fenner as they interview spiritual giants from around the state of Michigan. Click on a link below to listen to any interview.
Lu Ann Graf
Executive Director CareNet of Cadillac
John Lomacang
Pastor, Singer & 3ABN Host

Cory Herthel
Pastor Mt Pleasant & Midland SDA Churches

Ruthie Calkins
Retired Professor of Education



"Discover" Bible Guides...
Have you ever wanted to study the Bible but in the privacy of your own home, at your own pace, and on your own time? If so, Strong Tower Radio has a unique opportunity just for you. We now offer a wonderful on-line, Bible study series called “Discover,” that will help you to expand your Biblical knowledge and enhance your relationship with Jesus. Each lesson answers some of life's most challenging questions such as, "Can I Really Trust the Bible? If God is a God of love, why is there so much sin and suffering in the world? Does God really have a plan for my life? How do I know that God truly loves me? And many, many more. Click here to get started today! You'll love it!

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