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Cadillac Station Expansion

Harrietta tower climbers are working on the broadcast microwave link for the Cadillac flagship station expansion.  We will let you know when the move is complete.  Stay tuned.  


Broadcast Center PROGRESS REPORT!!!

Patience, it is always best to paint before you move! We are staged to move to the new station but it has been said that “a fresh coat of paint is the least expensive renovation that can be done”.

We are painting the public areas of the Broadcast Center as of this writing. This renovation is being underwritten by a donor who generously gave funds specifically for painting. We will paint the remainder of the Center as God provides volunteers and donations. Please keep in mind that operating expenses will be higher so your continuing donations and prayers will be needed and greatly appreciated.

The carpet cleaning will follow immediately. Then the broadcast equipment will switch from the original studio to the new Broadcast Center.

Keep watching, there will be some exciting announcements over the coming days!

We are getting ready for the 'Promised Land'. Are you sacrificially giving to God? See, if 1) you can give for first time, or 2) become a Covenant Partner, or 3) increase your existing donations.

We have just begun! God doesn’t want to take part of His children home, he wants to take all of them. We don’t think Strong Tower Radio broadcasting just to 40% of Michigan residents is good enough. We need to expand greatly from this new platform.

Think. Pray. Give!

July 29th Detroit “Concert/Radio Rally” Cancelled

pRESS RELEASE 07/14/2017
Strong Tower Radio has been looking diligently the last few years for a radio station in Detroit to purchase. Recently we had located a property that we were super interested in. This radio station could reach 4 ½ million people with the “Everlasting Gospel,” and the price tag seemed reasonable.

We had scheduled a Detroit “Concert/Radio Rally” at the Detroit Metro SDA Church on July 29th to share our findings and future plans with our supporters in the Detroit Metro Region, and begin fundraising so we could purchase the station. However, after our engineers inspected the equipment, the array of towers, leases, current costs of operation and much prayer, we have decided not to pursue this property.

Thank you for your prayers as we continue our search for a station in Detroit and other parts of Michigan that currently can’t hear Strong Tower Radio.


George Corliss
Finance & Development
Strong Tower Radio

Describing a Miracle

New Broadcast Center Funds Raised in Hours

Watching God Work

Please read the story on our 'Broadcast Center' link above.



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