It is the Christmas season here at Strong Tower Radio. Last Monday,
December 3 we began to air a season favorite, Joe Wheeler’s “Christmas In
My Heart” weekdays at noon through Christmas Day. This week we added
Christmas sermons through Christmas Day on ‘Fresh Manna’ weekdays at 2 & 11

Then on Christmas Eve Day we will play 36 straight hours of Christmas programming. Twelve of these hours were produced by Strong Tower Radio by Steve Wohlberg of White Horse Media, Pastors Garhett Morgan, Mac Mills, EJ Wolf, Rod Thompson, and Daniel Ferraz. Lay people who produced programs were Judy Shull, Holly Bailey-Wiltzer, and Craig Morgan. JB Bulcolic is hosting “The Bible in Living Sounds” Christmas Special.

Finally, D. Brian recorded a new Strong Tower Radio special called, ‘A Christmas with No Angels, a Job-like experience of a modern man that has been a favorite of many that was first told on the radio 30 years ago and remastered in our studios. In summary, we are producing 13-hours of new local programming here at Strong Tower Radio, the most ambitious project in our 9-year ministry history that began December 23rd 2009. Isn’t this the reason for the season?