A Day of Fasting & Prayer...

The power of fasting as it relates to prayer is the spiritual atomic bomb that our Lord has given us to destroy the strongholds of evil and restore a true understanding of God’s character. Strong Tower Radio has a number of projects and situations that Satan has fought long and hard to stop. Because of this, we are asking that you join with us in a day of fasting and prayer Friday November 14th. Things to pray for include...

1. The expansion of WGCP 91.9FM in Cadillac.
2. Locating and purchasing translators (repeaters) for Munising, Manistique and Alpena.
3. An overall shortfall of finances to fund our ministry.

A Modern Day Paul Part II...

Bisrat Fantahun Ayela
This program will be a tremendous blessing for anyone who listens, as Ethiopian Bisrat Fantahun Ayele joins Jilane and George on Strong Tower Radio Today to update us on his life's journey.  Bisrat’s story includes living with and ministering to a large leper colony in Addis Abba, where he has founded three churches. He currently assists families with adoption details and also translates for groups of missionary volunteers in rural parts of Ethiopia through an organization called Ordinary Hero. Listen to Part I. Listen to Part II.

Let's Play 20 Questions...
Revelation 12:11 tells us, "They overcame him (Satan) by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony." Sharing our personal testimony of how God, through Jesus, has saved us from both the penalty of sin and the power of sin, gives us the most powerful weapon we have in our battle against Satan. Through a series of "20 Questions" each participant shares the depth of their personal relationship with Christ and how they traveled the road to get where they are today. Our hope is that each listener will gain hope and courage through their stories, and deepen their relationship with Christ. This month's participant is Diane Kobor. You can listen here.

Astrologers & Psychics...
If some self-proclaimed prophet suddenly arose and began drawing crowds with stirring messages, healing the sick, raising the dead, bringing fire from heaven, and revealing knowledge of your personal secrets - would you believe in him or her? Should you believe? Your ultimate destiny just might be tied directly to your ability to distinguish between true and false prophets. So it's very important to know what the Bible really says about this timely subject! Get your Bibles and join us for a round table discussion with Pastors Darryl Bentley and Cory Herthel on this fascinating subject. Click here to listen. Study guide.

Catch Up! On Your Favorite Programs...

"Bible Answers Live" is a 60-minute call in programs that features Pastor Doug Batchelor answering difficult Bible questions from listeners all over the country. Want a special treat? Listen to these four short sermons by HMS Richards Sr all on the Second Coming! "The Garden Guy" features Master Gardener Efrain Rosalez answering gardening questions from listeners throughout Michigan and Sault, Ontario.
Bible Answers Live   HMS Richards Sr.   The Garden Guy
41. October 19, 2014   1. He Said He'd Come   8. August 2014
40. October 12, 2014   2. Stories of Christ's Return Pt:1   7. July 2014
39. October 5, 2014   3. Stories of Christ's Return Pt:2   6. June 2014
38. September 28, 2014   4. There Shall Be Time No Longer   5. May 2014
37. September 21, 2014   5. Closing Remarks   4. June 2013
36. September 14, 2014       3. May 2013
35. September 7, 2014       2. April 2013
34. August 31, 2014       1. March 2013
33. August 24, 2014        
32. August 17, 2014        
"Strong Tower Radio Today" is a 60-minute variety program that features guests discussing a variety of topics including healthy lifestyle choices, missions, testimonies, religious liberty, personal ministry, Bible prophecy and more. Iron Prophet Rusty Tears is a five part series by Pastor Mike Tucker. Prepare to be blessed!  "20 Questions" features spiritual giants who answer questions that give the listener insights into how they can improve their personal relationship with Christ.
STR Today   Iron Prophet Rusty Tears   20 Questions
10. Dare to Be a Daniel   Part One   5. Diane Kobor
9. Noah: Another Storm is Coming   Part Two   4. LuAnn Graf
8. Testimony of Mark Scholten   Part Three   3. Cory Herthel
7. Destroying God's Word   Part Four   2. Ruthie Calkins
6. A Modern Day Paul   Part Five   1. John Lomacang
5. Natural Remedies        
4. Testimony of Cory Herthel        
3. Dr. Zeno        
2. Activated Charcoal        
1. Testimony of Wes Peppers        
The "Open My Eyes" Bible Study Series is a round table discussion featuring Pastors Darryl Bentley and Cory Herthel as they discuss Bible doctrines, how they color your picture of God and how that picture then impacts your relationship with Him. Study guides for each program are also available for download. Our "Friday Blog" is a weekly spiritual nugget authored by area pastors throughout Michigan and Sault, Ontario.
Open My Eyes Series   Open My Eyes Guides   Friday Blog
1. Is the Devil in Charge of Hell?   1. Study Guide One   41. Disappointed? No! 10-10
2. Are the Dead Really Dead?   2. Study Guide Two   40. Calling All Eyes 10-3
3. The Law: Written in Stone?   3. Study Guide Three   39. Testimony of B. Baker 9-26
4. Secret of the 2nd Coming   4. Study Guide Four   38. Somnambulance 9-19
5. Is Obedience Legalism?   5. Study Guide Five   37. Whatever Lord! 9-12
6. Lost Day in History?   6. Study Guide Six   36. A Labor of Love! 9-5
7. Angel Messages   7. Study Guide Seven   35. Science of Surrender 8-29
8. Did God Create the Devil?   8. Study Guide Eight   34. Raynald III 8-22
9. Keys for a Happy Marriage   9. Study Guide Nine   33. Momento Mori 8-15
10. Colossal City in Space   10. Study Guide Ten   32. Testimony of G. Corliss 8-8

"Discover" Bible Guides...
Have you ever wanted to study the Bible but in the privacy of your own home, at your own pace, and on your own time? If so, Strong Tower Radio has a unique opportunity just for you. We now offer a wonderful on-line, Bible study series called “Discover,” that will help you to expand your Biblical knowledge and enhance your relationship with Jesus. Each lesson answers some of life's most challenging questions such as, "Can I Really Trust the Bible? If God is a God of love, why is there so much sin and suffering in the world? Does God really have a plan for my life? How do I know that God truly loves me? And many, many more. Click here to get started today! You'll love it!

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