Old Time Radio Variety Hour...

Cody, Russ, LeRoy & Tim

Strong Tower Radio’s Old Time Radio Variety Hour is back! Live at the Cadillac Seventh-day Adventist Church Saturday September 10th at 6:00pm and you and your family are invited to be part of our live studio audience and enjoy a large variety of musical performances featuring the Strong Tower Radio Quartet, all performed the way it was decades ago on old-time radio. There is no cost to attend, your kids will love it, and there will be light refreshments following the program. Once again, Strong Tower Radio’s Old Time Radio Variety Hour will be held Saturday September 10th at 6:00pm at the Cadillac Seventh-day Adventist Church, located at 801 E. Division in Cadillac, MI. (Here is a map with directions). Come and be blessed.

A Strong Tower Radio Moment...


Grand Rapids Mystery Sign
  Just days before the Grand Rapids Strong Tower Radio Thanksgiving Vespers Service was to pass out professionally printed signs to supporters, a first time listener called in to share how much she enjoyed the station.  Apparently she had seen a homemade sign advertising 89.7FM in Grand Rapids just north of the village of Burnips on the edge of a cornfield. It so attracted her attention that she tuned in and loved what she heard.
Apparently, the 4 X 8 sign is located on the Don Loew Family Farm. Don and wife go to the Allegan SDA Church, with daughter Andrea and son-in-law Kelly going to the Kentwood SDA Church. Kelly is the one who painted the sign, and she and her dad Don, put the sign up on 30th street between 144th and 146th on the farm property.
Strong Tower Radio applauds the efforts of the Loew Family, and we want to encourage you to share your “Strong Tower Radio Moments” with us! Write a short article and send a descriptive picture (selfie) to us at or PO Box 567, Cadillac, MI 49601.
Favorite Archived Programs...

Sabbath Surprise
What happens when you're a Pastor of a different denomination and you hear about the Sabbath?


Klan to the Cross
Don't miss Rick's fantastic testimony about how Christ can change even the hardest heart.
Charcoal Remedies
Ever hear of Activated Charcoal? Join John Dinsley as he shares the many benefits.
A Modern Day Paul?

Bisrat visiting homes in Korah
  After accepting Christ as his Lord and Saviour, Bisrat (who was just a teenager at this time) is banned from living or even visiting his hometown in Ethiopia ever again. He then walks and hitchhikes his way to Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia, and for years has ministered to a large leper colony in Ethiopia called Korah.

Sharing the word of God with others as they search for food in the rubbish piles in the city's dump, Bisrat has established two churches on the outskirts of the city. He continues to work in Korah and now also assists families with adoption details while in Ethiopia; and translates for groups of missionary volunteers in rural parts of Ethiopia through an organization called Ordinary Hero. Listen in, as Bisrat Fantahun Ayele joins us to share his life story on Strong Tower Radio Today.

More Favorite Archived Programs

20 Questions
Listen as spiritual giants answer 20 questions that share the depth of their relationship with Jesus.

Real & Practical
Join Pat & Tami Milligan as they provide insight on how to make your spiritual life real & practical.

Tough Questions
Learn how to answer tough questions from the Bible with Pastors Darryl & Cory.
Open My Eyes Bible Study Series
This series is a round table discussion and features Pastors' Darryl Bentley and Cory Herthel, along with Strong Tower Radio Today Hosts' Jilane Fenner and George Corliss. During each program they discuss Bible donctrines, how they color your picture of God and how that picture then impacts your relationship with him. Study guides for each program are also provided for download.
    1. The Devil in Charge of Hell?
  2. Are the Dead Really Dead?
  3. The Law. Written in Stone?
  4. Secret of the 2nd Coming
  5. Is Obedience Legalism?
  6. Lost Day in History
  7. Angel Messages
  8. Did God Create the Devil?
  9. Keys for a Happy Marriage
10. Colossal City in Space
11. 1000 Years of Peace
12. God Drew the Plans
13. God's Free Health Plan
14. Love That Transforms
15. Anything Left to Trust?
16. Who is Anti-Christ?
17. Astrologers & Psychics
  Study Guide 1
Study Guide 2
Study Guide 3
Study Guide 4
Study Guide 5
Study Guide 6
Study Guide 7
Study Guide 8
Study Guide 9
Study Guide 10
Study Guide 11
Study Guide 12
Study Guide 13
Study Guide 14
Study Guide 15
Study Guide 16
Study Guide 17

Best Sermons This Side of Heaven

Cory Herthel

Kameron DeVasher

Wes Peppers
Click here to visit our "Sermons Page," and listen to many other speakers from throughout the country.

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