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Best Sermons This Side of Heaven!
Programs below include many that have aired on Strong Tower Radio and include evangelistic series, sermons, discussions and more. We will be adding additional material on a weekly basis, so check back often!

Kameron DeVasher
Wes Peppers
Cory Herthel
SDA Church
  Pastor-Lansing SDA Church
& Amazing Facts Evangelist
  Pastor-Midland & Mt. Pleasant
SDA Churches

25-Part Series...
"God is Love"
  Assorted Sermons
From Wes Peppers
  3-Part Series...
"A Royal Priesthood"

1. Because the Bible Says So
1. Chosen to Exemplify
2. Did God Make the Devil?   2. Cancer Crisis & the Cross   2. Chosen Ahead of Time
3. God on Trial   3. Gideon: Faith is the Victory!   3. Chosen to Testify

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Kameron DeVasher sermons
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Wes Peppers sermons
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Cory Herthel sermons

Pastor CD Brooks
Breath of Life

  Pastor HMS Richards Sr
Voice of Prophecy
Breath of Life Crusade
Phoenix, Arizona
  Classic Sermons
From HMS Richards Sr
1. Has God Lost Control?   1. That Blessed Hope    
2. Harbingers of the End   2. The Underground City    
3. What Seeketh Thou?   3. This Man    

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CD Brooks Sermons
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HMS Richards Sr Sermons

Darryl Bentley   David Shin   Justin Ringstaff
Pastor-Detroit Metropolitan
SDA Church
  Pastor-East Lansing
SDA Church
  Associate Ministerial Director
Mi Conference of SDA
2 Part Series...
"Love Thy Neighbor"
  3 Part Series...
"Let the Words of My Mouth"
  7 Part Series...
1. Deeper Evaluation   1. Slow to Speak   1. Merry with Wine
2. Revived & Transformed   2. Slander   2. In Search for a Star
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Darryl Bentley Sermons
  3. Bits, Rudders & Fires

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David Shin Sermons
  3. King's House Conspiracy

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Justin Ringstaff  Sermons