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Kameron DeVasher
Kameron DeVasher is a graduate of Southern Adventist University, and currently pastors the Kalamazoo Church within the Michigan Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists. Apart from his ministerial duties, he enjoys studying the Bible, writing, and spending time in the great outdoors with his wife Emilie, their sons, Henry and Edward, and their new daughter, Molly.

In this new series "God is Love," Kameron tackles the hardest question known to man... "Is there a rational reason to still hope in a loving God?" Listen now and decide for yourself if “God is Love.”

God is Love - 25 Part Series
01. Because the Bible Says So!   02. Did God Make the Devil?   03. God on Trial
04. Pardon & Power   05. Watch Out!   06. Anti-Christ Evidence Pt 1
07. Anti-Christ Evidence Pt 2   08. The Law of Love   09. God's Signature
10. The Return of the King   11. The Day the Devil Dies   12. The Good News About Hell
13. What Happens When I Die?   14. Heaven on Earth   15. The System of Sacrifices
16. The Bible's Longest Prophecy   17. Jesus is the Answer   18. The Anti-Christ's Accomplice
19. The Mark of the Beast   20. The Final Warning   21. The Testimony of Jesus
22. Temple Maintainence   23. The Beauty of Holiness   24. Burying the Dead
25. Too Many Members