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CD Brooks
  Charles D. Brooks served as the original speaker for the "Breath of Life Ministry" from 1975-1998. Brooks officially retired in 1998 but is still a widely sought after speaker for events and churches. He held his first campaign in the early 1950s, while a pastor in Columbus, Ohio, and soon became a full-time evangelist for the Columbia Union Conference. In the summer of 1964 he led a major campaign in a large tent in Philadelphia during the long, hot summer of urban rioting. Defying a plea from the mayor to shut down the meetings, Brooks refused and baptized nearly 300 people. He was elected an associate secretary of the General Conference Ministerial Association and from that platform has fearlessly preached the Advent message around the globe. The series below was a crusade that he held in Phoenix, Arizona in 1995.
CD Brooks Sermons
01. Has God Lost Control?   02. Harbingers of the End   03. What Seeketh Thou?
04. The Devil Behind the Door   05. Howling for Damnation   06. What is God Like?
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