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One-Time Gifts

Donors can use any major credit card, checking or savings account to give their gift on our secure website by clicking here or by calling our studios at 877-278-5512. In Canada callĀ 800-828-0903.

Covenant Partnership or Recurring Monthly Gift

By choosing to become a "Strong Tower Radio Covenant Partner" or give a "Recurring Monthly Gift" donors can use any major credit card, or their checking or savings account to set up a their gift on our secure website by clicking here or by calling our studios at 877-278-5512. In Canada call 231-468-2087.

U.S. Mail

Your check should be made out to Strong Tower Radio and remember to place in the memo section of your check the area you would like your financial gift to be credited to. Please send your check to:

Strong Tower Radio
PO Box 567
Cadillac, MI 49601


We would be grateful to receive your credit card, checking or savings account information over the phone. Please call our studios at 877-278-5512 or in Canada 231-468-2087 for our operators to assist you.

In Memorandum

Many financial gifts are given to Strong Tower Radio "In Memorandum." If you would like to give a gift to honor the life of a friend or a loved one, a birthday or anniversary, please call us at 877-278-5512 or in Canada call 231-468-2087. These gifts will be recognized in our monthly newsletter.

Stocks, Bonds, Jewelry, Coins, Gold or Silver

We now have our own Stock Broker and can quickly accept stocks and bonds and turn them into the necessary funds to help with any project or day to day operations. Many have also given us jewelry, coins, gold and silver, which we have buyers waiting to purchase. Please call us with any questions about how this works at 877-278-5512 or in Canada at 231-468-2087.

Financial Statements for Your Tax Returns

Year end financial statements will be mailed to each donor on or before January 31st for your income tax return.

Yearly Audit

A full audit of Strong Tower Radio's financial transactions is done each year by Baird, Cotter & Bishop. They are located at 134 W. Harris St, Cadillac, MI 49601. A copy of the audit is available upon request from Strong Tower Radio by calling us at 877-278-5512 or in Canada at 231-468-2087.

Strong Tower Radio is a non-profit Christian media ministry that is 100% listener supported. We provide our listeners with a unique blend of thought provoking speakers, children's programs, health enhancing education, stirring inspirational messages and heart-warming music that stirs the soul to yearn for a crucified, risen and soon coming Saviour.

All financial gifts are tax deductible and used to empower our ministry to continue it's outreach by paying for day to day expenses or to build and/or purchase other stations that will continue to add to our broadcasting footprint throughout Michigan and beyond.

We currently operate eleven radio stations and one television station in the following areas...

- 89.7FM in Grand Rapids, MI
- 91.9FM in Cadillac, MI
- 90.9FM in Escanaba, MI
- 89.7VM in Grand Rapids, MI
- 90.7FM in Harrison, MI
- 93.9FM in Mio, MI
- 97.9FM in Newberry, MI
- 102.7FM in Alpena, MI
- 91.3FM in Ironwood, MI
- 104.7FM in Lansing, MI
- 1540AM in Okemos, MI
- 91.3FM in Decatur, IL
- TV 23 in Cadillac, MI

Each giving option below gives you a choice as to where you can direct your financial gift. If you have any questions about any of our radio/TV stations or building projects please contact us at 877-278-5512 or 231-468-2087 in Canada, or email us here.

Final Note

Strong Tower Radio does not share or sell any of your personal info to any other organization, business or individual.

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