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Listen as spiritual giants answer 20 questions that share the depth of their relationship with Jesus. 

1. Gail Macomber

2. Darryl Bentley

3. Ruthie Calkins

4. John Lomacang

5. Yvonne Lewis

6. Cory Herthel

7. Diane Kobor



 Join Pat & Tami Milligan as they provide insight on how to make your spiritual life real & practical.

1. Gay Christians Part 1

2. Gay Christians Part 2 

3. Living Without Sin



Learn how to answer tough questions from the Bible with Pastors Darryl & Cory.


1. 90 Minutes in Heaven

2. Hell: A Burning Controversy

3. Left Behind? Really?

4. Once Saved Always Saved?

5. Sabbath or Sunday?

6. Who is Anti-Christ? 

7. Halloween and the Christian


Good Growing with the Garden Gal...

Want to be a better gardener? The Garden Gal will help you to become stewards of your own natural resources, whether you’re a farmer, a backyard gardener, or you’re into forestry, or animal husbandry, our goal is to provide information and education on these subjects and more.

The Garden Gal- Theresa F. Williams - Executive Director

Theresa joined the district in 2010 after many years working for the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service and the Forest Service.  Additionally, she has owned and operated an organic farm for nearly two decades, taught agricultural science courses at a local community college, and served twice as a Peace Corps volunteer.  She earned both Bachelors and Masters of Science degrees in forestry from Michigan State University, and would be happy to assist you any aspect of natural resources management.   You can contact Theresa at theresa.williams@mi.nacdnet.net.

Vegetable Garden Design

1st Segment
2nd Segment
3rd Segment



Plant Cover Crops

Double Cropping


Part 1 Cover Crops
Part 2 Double Crop
Part 3 Tomatoes




Plant Spinach For Overwinter

Build A Compost Pile


Part 1 Spinach
Part 2 Pollinators
Part 3 Cauliflower



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