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The Strong Tower Radio Broadcast Network is a non-profit Christian ministry that is not owned or operated by any church or denomination and is 100% listener supported. We provide our listeners with a unique blend of thought-provoking speakers, programs, stirring inspirational messages and heart-warming music that will stir the soul to yearn for a crucified, risen and soon coming Saviour.

You can receive one of our Program Schedules in one of two ways...
1. By calling us at: 231-468-2087 or toll-free at 1-877-278-5512
2. By downloading it here: First Quarter Schedule


3ABN Family - A new program from 3ABN that focuses on the family.

3ABN Homecoming - Enjoy all the sermons, music, and praise reports from 3ABN's annual fall Homecoming camp meeting. It's a family reunion you'll remember for years to come!

3ABN Today - Join 3ABN president Danny Shelton and others as they host 3ABN’s flagship program. You'll enjoy inspirational interviews, discover new ministries, acquire important health information, and enjoy the finest vegan vegetarian cuisine.

3ABN Today Live - Join 3ABN president Danny Shelton, and other hosts for this weekly two-hour live edition of 3ABN’s flagship program. In addition to the inspiring testimonies and music, viewers can all in with comments and for free offers. Our once a month "Behind the Scenes at 3ABN" program brings you updates on 3ABN's networks and projects.

Affirming Creation - Join Pastor Hiram Rester as he presents biblical and scientific evidence that supports a literal Creation and dispels the theory of evolution.

Anchors of Truth - The popular program series of 3ABN's Anchors of Truth.  Discover how to anchor your faith to God’s unfailing truths through this powerful series!

Ask Uncle Julius - Ask Uncle Julius is a dramatic bible study radio show from the 1950s. Kids and grown-ups alike, will enjoy these classics which present foundational Biblical truths. The studies are true to life and so written that the questions that would come to the average mind are asked by Carl and Nettie and answered by Uncle Julius, directly from the Bible. Carl and Nettie are actually, Stanley Hill (Uncle Dan) and Betty Ahnberg (Aunt Sue) of the acclaimed “YOUR STORY HOUR”, “a children’s character building program which has been familiar to many over the years.

Back to Our Roots - If you have trouble grasping the Jewish culture and all its complexity, you’ll be delighted with the insights into Hebrew thinking on Back to Our Roots! Discover how understanding historic Hebrew culture can definitely help you in your daily Bible study.

Bible Answers Live - In this series, Evangelist Doug Batchelor presents Biblical answers to live call-in questions.

Bible Made Plain - Join Uncle Julius as he makes the Bible plain and easy to understand.

Bible in Living Sound - Get your kids excited about the Bible! This series presents Bible stories from the Old Testament, the life and times of Jesus, as well as the apostle Paul’s life and travels from the New Testament. These spiritual stories, complete with music and sound effects, will captivate listeners of all ages.

Books of the Book - This series is the answer to those who want to mine the hidden treasures of God's Word! Each host takes you through the chapters, verse by verse, unearthing gems of truth, and bringing it all into perspective.

  • STR Quartet

    Our musical ambassadors do special music, full-length concerts, and anchor the STR 'OLD TIME RADIO VARIETY HOUR'.

  • STR Today

    Strong Tower Radio produces local programming including weekday morning and afternoon, as well as weekend shows.

  • STR Quartet

    The STR Quartet often sing within our broadcast area venues which now encompasses 45% of Michigan.


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