I Just Want to Make God Smile...

A few months ago, we featured a story of how Pat Briggs, a member of the 13th Street SDA Church in Cadillac, shared with friend and co-worker Mike Kamptner about Strong Tower Radio 91.9FM in Cadillac. Mike began to listen and was thrilled with the stories, preaching and teaching. After an invitation from Pat, Mike and his wife Kathleen began to attend Sabbath School and Worship Services regularly, and also began a Bible study group in their home.
After attending “Unlock Revelation,” Kathleen made the decision to be baptized. Asked why baptism was so important to her, she said, “I love our Dear Heavenly Father more than ever! Baptism affirms my identity in Jesus. It’s a declaration of all of the newness of biblical awareness I’ve received over the past year, through new friendships, love and studies with our church family. It weaves me closer to Jesus. Baptism is a visible replication of his death, burial and resurrection and my desire to do the same with my life today and forever more. Most of all, I just want to make God smile!”
Written by George Corliss

The Door is Always Open...

Bob & Renee Masterson with Pastor Jed Genson

As everyone said, “Amen!” to conclude Prayer Meeting, there was a knock at the back door of the church. Bob pushed the door open and immediately began to weep as he blurted out that his son had just committed suicide and collapsed into our arms. On that cold February evening, our entire church family quickly surrounded Bob, and prayed, comforted and wept with him. We exchanged phone numbers and invited Bob and his wife to come to church and worship with us during the upcoming Sabbath.
That next Sabbath Bob and his wife Renee came to church. They joined with us in worshipping a God of love, hope, patience and peace. Bob and Renee soon began attending church regularly and our members worked meticulously with the Holy Spirit, discipling them into the truth. They quickly excepted Jesus as their Lord and Saviour, continued to study and grow, and soon were baptized.
But why did Bob burst through the back door of the Northwoods SDA Church on that cold February evening months ago? Bob works for Luce County and drives truck, plowing snow and fixing roads throughout the year. While working, Bob listens diligently to Strong Tower Radio 97.9FM which covers the eastern U.P. He had come to trust the message he heard each day, and when Bob needed spiritual help, he sought out the nearest Seventh-day Adventist Church. Please continue to pray for Bob and Renee, as it is still a tremendous struggle dealing with the death of their son.
Written by Jed Genson

A Sign from Heaven...

It all began with a sign. Viola is a delivery driver and this day found her working in the City of Midland. Her route took her by the Midland SDA Church, where their sign flashed information about Strong Tower Radio 90.7FM, a new Christian radio station in town. Viola, who loved spiritual things, immediately tuned to Strong Tower Radio and began listening. Her heart stirred within her and she began to fall deeply in love with the truths she was hearing day by day.
Viola soon shared Strong Tower Radio with her brother Ken, and he too, fell in love with the truths being proclaimed. After listening for a few months, both Viola and Ken decided they wanted to begin attending the SDA Church.

That next Sabbath found Viola and Ken at the Estey SDA Church, sitting on the edge of their seats, listening to the pastor’s sermon on the subject of the “state of the dead.” Having listened much to Strong Tower Radio, they were already well acquainted with this truth, yet the
pastor brought up additional thoughts that caught their attention. At the conclusion of the service, they met the pastor, had quite a discussion and received an invitation to come again. So excited about what they had learned, Viola and Ken came the next Sabbath and brought their father David with them!
Ken and David continued to attend faithfully, accepting Jesus as their Lord and Saviour and after a few months of additional study and prayer were baptized! They now await a crucified, risen and soon coming Saviour to take them home to Glory Street in New Jerusalem. Ken and David continue to pray for Viola, who has experienced some bumps in the road in her spiritual life. They would like to invite you to join them in praying for her, as “God is not willing for any to perish, but for all to come to repentance.”
Written by George Corliss

Interviewing First known baptized Grand Rapids listener with Sandy Stewart who gave Selma Williamson Bible studies.

One year ago we were raising money with this moment in mind.

Too Much Spiritual Baggage?

Selma’s Big Moment!

So, Selma called the station requesting more information. George Corliss happened to answer the call, and he and Selma had a wonderful conversation about health that quickly turned into a spiritual discussion. Selma had attended the SDA Church when she was younger but felt that she had too much spiritual baggage for God to deal with and hadn’t been to church in decades.
Selma is retired, and now drives a former co-worker Mary, to needed appointments around town. During one trip this February, Mary told Selma about a health program she had heard on a new radio station called Strong Tower Radio. Selma quickly tuned-in but was only able to catch the final two minutes of a program called, “Charcoal Remedies.” It was so interesting, she had to hear the entire program.

Bible Worker Sandy & Selma

George quickly shared with her about a crucified, risen and soon coming Saviour, one who loved her with an everlasting love and has never left her or forsaken her, even for a moment. He then asked if a Grand Rapids friend could follow-up with her. Selma was super excited about having someone drop by and after having prayer, George called Pastor Bob Stewart, from the Grand Rapids Central SDA Church to follow up.
Bob sent Sandy, his wife and the Grand Rapids Area Bible Worker, to follow up. The very next day, Sandy visited Selma and offered to stop by once a week and study the Bible, which Selma eagerly accepted. Selma began attending church immediately and after a few months of study, was baptized on June 10th at the Grand Rapids Central SDA Church! Praise God for his greatness, mercy and patience with each one of us!
Written by George Corliss

Debi Hendrick

I had been questioning things of faith for quite some time, yet I really didn’t know how to study the Bible. I began to pray and cry out to God to answer my request. It was shortly after this, that I came across Strong Tower Radio on my radio dial. How excited I was to listen to so many spirit fuilled sermons, heart warming music and I throughly enjoyed everything else they broadcast!

It wasn’t long before I began attending Sabbath School, Worship Service, Wednesday Bible Study, Vespers and now the new Women’s Ministry Prayer Group at the Decatur SDA Church here in Illinois. Praise God! I was baptized November 12 and continue to attend church faithfully.

The Testimony of Mark & Mary Yates: Part One

Mark & Mary Yates with Pastor Cory Herthel
I was driving to Cadillac on a Wednesday, when my XM radio cutout and stopped working. I decided to look for another station on the FM band and found Strong Tower Radio. I loved listening to the station from the beginning. So much so, that when I returned home that evening I sat in the driveway and continued to listen. I couldn’t get enough of what was being shared, it was just so powerful. So powerful in fact, that this became a daily occurrence.
My wife Mary began to get curious seeing me sitting in my vehicle after I arrived home from work night after night. I finally shared with her that I was listening to Strong Tower Radio and that I was also
taking online Bible studies, that I had discovered the Sabbath and was quite convicted that I needed to begin going to church on Sabbath. Mary was taken aback for a few moments, but finally said she would support me in my decision about the Sabbath but not to ask her to change her religion.
Over the next few weeks I finished the Amazing Facts studies and I was convicted it was time to find a church family to begin worshipping with on Sabbath. As I pulled into the parking lot of the Midland Seventh-Day Adventist Church my courage was at an all-time low, and unfortunately, I drove right back out and went home.
Mary encouraged me to try again next Sabbath and this time I parked my car and went into the church. As I walked into the door and I was introduced to a loving church family, who loved to sing, study God’s word and actively share it with the community.
In discussions with my wife over the upcoming weeks, I would tell her how much I loved studying the bible, and how friendly everyone was to me at church. She kept saying that she supported me, but would never change her religion... and not to push her... and churches don’t have that many nice people in them anyway. So I didn’t push her, yet I prayed for the Holy Spirit to come into her life as never before.
Pastor Cory Herthel came to our home not long after that and cleared me for baptism. However, while he was there, Mary asked him many questions that were heavy upon her heart and he answered them all satisfactorily. She really appreciated that. After Pastor Cory left I asked Mary if she would attend my baptism and she said, “Absolutely!”
I was so excited the day of my baptism, declaring my love for Jesus to one and all. And there was Mary, attending church for the first time and finally meeting my loving church family that I spoke of so often. I was so blessed!
Written by Mark Yates Edited by George Corliss

Be sure to read Part Two of the Testimony of Mark & Mary Yates in next month’s Strong Tower Radio News.

The Testimony of Mary Yates: The Rest of the Story

One Sabbath, Mark asked me to go to the Chippewa Nature Center for a walk. I agreed to go, and we ran into the Kahlil and Bolt families from the Midland SDA Church while there. I think we talked for over an hour until they had to leave for an event at the church. I said, “Mark is everyone from the church that nice?” Of course, he said, “That’s what I’ve been telling you.”
While Mark was in Sabbath school and church each week, I was actually up and reading my Bible, and I roughly knew when Mark was going to be home so I’d make sure that I had everything put away before he did. One Sabbath, I was reading the Bible and Mark came home early because there was no fellowship meal. He saw that I was reading the Bible, so I told him that I had been reading selected passages that he talked about when he came home from Sabbath School and Church. The jig was up!
One week Mark came home and said, Pastor Cory would like to come over and talk and if I was okay with that. I said, “Yes! That’s fine.” Pastor Cory came over to the house and I had a list of questions for him. He answered all my questions to my satisfaction. Mark also scheduled his baptism with Pastor Cory that evening and we soon had another conversation where I had more questions about his baptism. Those were also answered satisfactorily, Mark asked if I would be there on his baptismal day and I said, “Absolutely!” After Mark’s baptism, I went to church every Sabbath, although I didn’t go to Bible Study or fellowship dinner. What I didn’t know was that Pastor Cory and Mark had spoken about me and Mark told him not to push me or I would not come back.
Mark & Mary Yates with Pastor Cory Herthel
A few weeks later, after Sabbath services, I was shaking Pastor Cory’s hand when he said, “I’d like to meet with you, if you are okay with that.” I told Mark after church and he said, you know Pastor is going to ask if you want to join the church and be baptized. I said, “Yes, I know” and Mark said, “Well do you have an answer?” I told him, “Yes! I do.”
Pastor Cory came over and we discussed my coming to church and being baptized. I said October 10th would be perfect for me if that works for you. His jaw dropped and he told us that he prayed that I would get baptized before the end of 2015 and that he always wanted to baptize someone on his baptism date, and I just picked that date! So, I was baptized on October 10, 2015.
Mark and I discussed bringing our grand-daughter Alyssa to Sabbath School. We were a little worried about what she would do or think. She spent several weekends with us and we have begun to take her to Sabbath School, Church and Fellowship Dinner. She absolutely loves going!
If it wasn’t for Strong Tower Radio, I guarantee that we would not be going to church, studying the Bible or getting our grand-daughter involved. Strong Tower Radio has been a huge blessing to our family! Written by Mary Yates Edited by George Corliss

Jeannette - Alexanda, AZ

Before my husband, Bob passed away, he listened to Strong Tower Radio religiously. Some nights he didn’t sleep very well and enjoyed the music and sermons deep into the night. When we lived in Michigan, we were so blessed that 90.7FM from Harrison was available 24/7. May God bless you for all you do. My late husband Bob would have wanted me to give you this gift of $1000.00. You meant so much to him, especially in his last days.

Mary - Roscommon, MI

“I am on a fixed income and because of this, two years ago, I had to cancel my Cable TV and Internet. Yet I have lost nothing and gained a tremendous friend in Strong Tower Radio 93.9FM! I have learned so much and am so thankful! 

Pastor Gibbs & Brent Hampel

Another precious Strong Tower Radio baptism! Brent, a listener for 18 months was baptized July 15th in Escanaba.
He liked the cold so he moved up to the Upper Peninsula 10-years ago when he turned 18. He found STR while scanning his radio dial commuting to work. Brent was raised in a Bible based church but what he heard convicted him of the Sabbath eventually leading him to attend the Seventh-day Adventist Church and requesting baptism.
Pastor Jacob Gibbs gives Strong Tower Radio credit for Brent’s decision. Strong Tower Radio was “Brent's first point of contact, his main discipling in the Bible, and it built his faith”.


A Midland area listener called about STR ’Mid-day Theater’. He reports he has been listening for 5-years and his family attends the Calvary Baptist Church.

When Betty announced that she had decided to keep the seventh-day Sabbath, many people in her former congregation indicated they were Strong Tower Radio listeners too, and were trying to decide what they should do.

A Baptist pastor says he and his wife listen to the ‘Your Story Hour’ when they drive into our Cadillac broadcast area on Wednesdays.

Future Residents of New Jerusalem...

All of us have come to know God through many different avenues and I just want to take a moment and shed some light on how God has used Strong Tower Radio and Strong Tower TV-23 to change my life. When you first fall in love with Jesus, there are some parts of your life that you continue to cling to, even though they aren’t necessary good for you. When I first came to Jesus, my life consisted of sex, drugs and rock n’ roll. Alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, pornography, video games and rock music filled my days. Yet, I longed for something different. I believed in God, I just didn’t know who he was and what his plan for my life was. I began to covet studying my Bible, and discussing things I’d learned with anyone who would listen. I also started to attend church occasionally. As I came to know the Lord, I began to realize that rock music was the biggest negative in my life.

 It seemed many of the bad habits I had, revolved around rock music, and through my studies I found that rock music can actually affect your brain chemistry. With this conviction, I prayerfully stepped out in faith and submitted to the Lord and destroyed all of my rock music CDs! But, what was I going to replace them with?
Praise God! It was just a matter of days before I discovered Strong Tower Radio! It was the perfect replacement! A HUGE upgrade from what I was listening to before. Encouraging, uplifting music, hard- hitting sermons, Bible studies and many other programs to help me grow closer to God.
I kept listening, studying and praying, and as my faith continued to grow, habits I had struggled with for many years began to disappear one by one through the blood of Jesus. Yet God wasn’t done yet!
My wife Sarah and I spent at least $20 each week renting movies. God soon convicted us that this was not a good choice. We had already experienced God turning my desires completely around when it came to rock music, so why couldn’t he do the same with movies? After prayer, the first thing we did was to throw our entire movie collection into the trash. But now what? We needed to watch something! Then Sarah began to do a channel scan to see what was available, when all of a sudden, Doug Batchelor came on the screen! We had found Strong Tower TV-23!
It’s incredible that each time we stepped out in faith, God used the ministry of Strong Tower Radio and TV-23 to help meet our spiritual needs.
My wife Sarah and I began attending the Reed City SDA Church late in 2016 and I was baptized in March of 2017. My wife Sarah soon followed, and was baptized on October 21st! We praise God for Strong Tower Radio and Strong Tower TV-23 and thank every one of the donors, volunteers and employees for making all of this possible!

Toni Kaufman-The Desire of Her Heart

Toni Kaufman stared at the wall in her room at the homeless shelter she was living at in Cadillac. Something was wrong. Really wrong. Her mind had begun to fail her. She had not been able to keep a job for some time now, and she was currently working at a large grocery chain and struggling to keep this job too. Toni decided to check into the emergency room at the hospital inCadillac to have some tests done. One of these tests, a CT Scan showed that she had a brain tumor.This landed Toni in Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, and soon the tumor was removed. However, not long into her recovery she was not progressing well, and it was decided another operation was necessary. After being released from Henry Ford Hospital, Toni successfully recovered from surgery while living in Cadillac. However, her daughter and her family lived in Roscommon and she desired to live near them and soon found an apartment there.It was in Roscommon, that Toni began listening to Strong Tower Radio, 93.9FM. She had attended a number of churches in her past, yet she didn’t know God. She longed for a personal relationship with Him, but had no idea about how to begin. Toni didn’t know it then, but God was going to grant her the desire of her heart using Strong Tower Radio as the means. Day after day Toni listened to the wonderful inspirational messages and heart-warming music that began to help her grasp a true knowledge of God’s character and stirred her soul to yearn for a crucified, risen and soon-coming Saviour to be part of her life.Then she heard a promo on Strong Tower Radio, about a prophecy seminar coming soon to her neighborhood called “Unlock Revelation 2016.” Toni was super excited about the opportunity to attend, and she immediately called and registered. However, the more she thought about it, she became increasingly apprehensive about going alone, and finally made the decision not to attend.
About two months later, someone knocked at her door. A young man from the Houghton Lake Seventh-Day Adventist Church named Kevin Jacobs greeted her with a big smile on his face. Kevin was following up with individuals who had signed up for the Unlock Revelation Seminar, but did not attend. He asked Toni if she would be interested in doing that same prophecy study in the comfort of her own home. Her heart was overjoyed and invited Kevin in for a visit. Soon she began taking studies with Kevin and he patiently answered her questions as they proceeded week by week through the seminar. She also continued to listen to Strong Tower Radio which clarified what she was learning.
After a few months of study, Toni began to ask Kevin about his church and he gently encouraged her to come and spend the day. However, in attending some churches in her past, she had been hurt, and hurt badly. Yet, as her personal relationship with God continued to blossom, so did her faith, and one Sabbath she asked Him to give her the courage needed to attend Kevin’s church. As she celebrated her first Sabbath with Kevin, his family and the other members of the Houghton Lake Seventh-Day Adventist Church, to her surprise, they welcomed her with open arms. She had finally found home!
Toni continued listening to Strong Tower Radio and the opportunity came up again to register and experience Unlock Revelation. She attended the entire series, where she became more and more convicted she needed to take a stand for Jesus and be baptized. When an appeal was made by Evangelist Ted Struntz toward the end of the meetings, Toni gladly stood. On November 4, 2017, Toni shared her personal testimony in front of an overcrowded sanctuary, and was gently laid into the watery grave and raised to experience a new life in Christ.
Thank you for your continued prayers and financial support in Strong Tower Radio. Toni now has a mansion reserved at 114 Glory Street in New Jerusalem right next to her good friend Carol, who also first came to church through listening to Strong Tower Radio! Praise God from whom all blessings flow!
Written by George Corliss

He’s Still Working on Me!

Dustin Ripley, who we featured in last month’s newsletter, recently told us, “You have no idea how many people out there who are listening to Strong Tower Radio.” This afternoon when Gary Steiner called, sharing his deep appreciation for this radio network, Dustin’s statement seemed more appropriate than ever!
Gary Steiner, a painter by trade, was listening to our Grand Rapids station, located at 89.7FM on the dial, while working. The owner of the house turned out to be our Chief Engineer Del Reynolds, heard the station playing and said, “Hey! That’s Strong Tower Radio! Are you a Strong Tower Radio listener?”
Gary has crossed paths several times with our ministry, his first being a call to our “Prayer Hotline.” Apparently, Gary was raised as a preacher’s son but had lost his way. Very transparently he shared serious mistakes he had made throughout his life and now is repentant of.
Gary called again just days ago to request a copy of “Spiritual Vigilantes,” a free book we were offering at the time. He said, “Sandy Cole, your receptionist, answered the phone, and is always so kind and encouraging.”
Tonight, Gary called again, and I had the opportunity to talk with him. He had called just to say, “Thank you!” And told me that, “He loves Strong Tower Radio's strong family emphasis, and wanted us to know that he praises God daily for this station because it has helped him through many a difficult time.” Gary then shared that he was going to be up in the Cadillac area visiting a friend tomorrow (Sabbath), so I invited him to come to the Cadillac Seventh-Day Adventist Church to worship and then attend our fellowship dinner. Gary came and we had a wonderful time together!
Gary is just the tip of the iceberg, as we receive calls nearly every week, about Strong Tower Radio listeners visiting churches or beginning Bible studies throughout Michigan, Illinois and Sault, Ontario. Thank you for your continued prayers and financial support!
Written by Tom Mejeur

Putting God First!

My name is Todd Bissonnette. I love the lord and love to share Jesus with others. My wife Cheryl and I recently were baptized and became members of the Midland Seventh-day Adventist Church because of listening to Strong Tower Radio 90.7FM in Harrison and the efforts of a very loving church family.
In preparation for our baptism I had told my boss weeks before that my family had made a stand for Christ and I would no longer be working on Saturday, God’s Sabbath. However, the Friday before our baptism, my boss told me that I had to come to work on Saturday or I would not have a job come Monday. I quickly told him that I was sorry to hear that, but my wife and I were going to be baptized tomorrow and I would not be in.
The following day at church was such a blessing. We were baptized along with another couple. I praise God that we have joined such a loving family of believers. Our new church even had special prayer about my job situation.
I went to work on Monday and "Praise the Lord," I still had a job! Then the following week I actually received a pay raise! Praise the Lord God Almighty! We love our Jesus! When you put God first, He is able! Written by George Corliss

Educated in an 18-Wheeler!

Jim Barclay getting a load of crude oil in his 18-Wheeler. Jim Barclay is a truck driver by trade and hauls crude oil in an 18-wheeler throughout the east Michigan region. Being in the truck 50+ hours each week, Jim enjoys listening to the radio. This particular day Jim wasn’t satisfied with his normal listening routine, so he began channel surfing until he heard a program in which a man was answering questions about the Bible from listeners who were calling in. Fascinated, Jim settled in to listen and kept his radio tuned there throughout the day.
From that day forward, Jim felt as though God was providing him with “fresh manna” every day, and he gladly feasted upon the unique blend of thought- provoking speakers, stirring inspirational messages and heart-warming
music. He loved listening to Pastors Lyle Albrecht, Doug Batchelor and Kenneth Cox, but Pastor Albrecht especially stepped on his toes, particularly when it came to lifestyle issues. Lord have mercy!

Jim also discovered that as he traveled out of the listening area of WAVC 93.9FM in Mio, there were other stations that broadcast the same programming, including WBHL 90.7FM in Harrison and WAWB-LP 107.3 in West Branch. Within a short time, convicted by God’s Spirit, Jim sought out and began to attend the West Branch SDA Church. The members there welcomed him with open arms, and Jim soon accepted Jesus as his Lord and Saviour and began moving toward baptism.
As a truck driver of an 18-wheeler, Jim had regular medical check-ups, and the doctor became very concerned when tests showed he had diabetes and needed to go on medication. Devastated, Jim prayed, asking God to help him.

Jim & Joy’s Wedding Day

Jim then remembered that he had heard doctors and health experts share how God’s health message could deliver people from the many lifestyle diseases people suffer from today on Strong Tower Radio. Had God already provided an answer to his prayer?
Wanting to know more, Jim asked his new family at church if they could possibly help him with his health problems. The members then took turns sharing with him about God’s “8 Laws of Health.”
Jim soon understood how important sunshine, temperance, fresh air, rest, trust in God, nutrition, exercise and water were to his body, his mind and his soul. The members also shared with him many new recipes to help him defeat diabetes. Jim worked hard incorporating all of this information into his life. And Praise God! At his next appointment, his doctor was astonished! The test to see how far Jim’s diabetes had progressed actually showed that there was not even a hint of diabetes to be found! Can you say AMEN!
Shortly after this incident, Jim shared with his pastor that he was ready for baptism. The pastor came to Jim’s house and quizzed him about his knowledge of the Bible, and his love for Jesus. He soon found that Jim’s listening to Strong Tower Radio had helped him to nurture a wonderful relationship with Jesus. He was then baptized on July 25th.
Yet God had an even bigger blessing in store for Jim. At Michigan Camp Meeting 2017, Jim met Joy Branding, and It was love at first sight for both of them. On Sunday, January 7, 2018 they were married. They now live in West Branch and look forward to sharing their faith in a crucified, risen and soon coming Saviour with their friends and neighbors. God is so good!
Jim and thousands of others who travel every day, are listening to God’s word on “The University of Strong Tower Radio.” Day after day they hear and are convicted of the truth as it is in Jesus, and they are picking up their cross and following him. Thank you for your investment in Strong Tower Radio. Glory Street in New Jerusalem now has another reservation! A mansion for two please!
Written by George Corliss

Educated in a Feller Buncher!
Bob Jennings running the Feller Buncher

Bob Jennings has worked in the forestry business for over 20 years. He currently works in the woods, harvesting trees with a huge machine called a “Feller Buncher.” This unbelievable machine cuts the tree down, delimbs the tree, cuts the tree into logs and then stacks them to be picked up and taken to the sawmill.
Bob always listened to talk radio while working, yet recently he had not gotten the satisfaction of listening to the political and social discussions like he used to. His heart began to yearn for something else and God led him to Strong Tower Radio. Bob listened and was soon being drawn into the beginnings of a relationship with a crucified, risen and soon coming Saviour.
After a short period of time, Bob began sharing with his wife Kris his convictions, and that they should begin attending church again. Apparently, they had attended church and been baptized over 20 years ago, however they never really developed a relationship with Jesus, and they gradually fell away. Yet God’s hand is not shortened that he cannot save and he’s not willing for any to perish, but for all to come to repentance! (Reader... I hope in your heart you just said AMEN!).
They began attending churches, trying to find the one who could help them in their new journey to develop and maintain a relationship with Jesus that would last throughout eternity. While attending the 13th Street SDA Church in Cadillac one Sabbath, Bob met an old friend, George Corliss and his wife Joy.
After church, they sat down and caught up with each other, and before leaving, George asked Bob and Kris if they would like to join them in their home for a Bible study on Thursday evenings.
Bob and Kris spoke about the invitation when they got home and decided to accept it. That Thursday they joined a few others at George and Joy’s home and began to learn how much God truly loves us and how he wants to develop a forever relationship with him. They began attending both Sabbath School and the Worship Service at the 13th Street Church on a regular basis and also never missed a Thursday night study at George and Joy’s home.
They soon accepted Jesus as their Lord and Saviour and were growing in their faith, thoroughly enjoying their new church family. They then attended “Unlock Revelation,” a prophecy seminar at the 13th Street Church and Praise God! They were baptized on November 4th!
Bob, Kris and their granddaughter Emma, live in Tustin and continue to attend the 13th Street SDA Church, attend the Bible study at George and Joy’s home, and most of all, they continue to listen to the “University of Strong Tower Radio.”
Thank you for your investment in Strong Tower Radio. Glory Street in New Jerusalem now has another reservation. This time, a mansion for three!
Written by George Corliss

God’s True Church...
Scott & Brandi Miller

According to a recent handbook of American churches, there are more than 250 major religious groups in the United States. Each one professes to represent God. Each one claims to be teaching truth. At the same time, each group is different from the others. So how does a person find God’s one true church in this maze of religious tradition?
Scott and Brandi Miller had been asking God that same question for years. They had attended a number of churches, looking, always looking, for God’s one true church but to no avail. At the church they were currently attending, the people were great, and they enjoyed themselves immensely, but this was not God’s one true church either. Yet God had heard their prayer, and a miracle was about to happen!
Scott is a rural mail carrier and spends a lot of time in his vehicle. One day while scanning the dial, he discovered Strong Tower Radio 97.9FM out of Newberry. Scott had never heard anything like this before, as speakers systematically unwrapped the truth about the ten commandments, the Sabbath, the state of the dead, hellfire, the second coming and more.
Was this God’s true church? He soon shared with his wife Brandi what he had discovered on the radio, and she too began listening and rejoicing in all of these beautiful new truths. God was answering their prayer!
As Scott and Brandi drank deeply from the rivers of living water each day while listening to Strong Tower Radio, God began to impress upon them to share what they were learning with their brothers and sisters at church. Sadly, their fellow church members were not as excited as Scott and Brandi about these new truths and they rejected them. Yet, Scott and Brandi did not give up easily, and week after week they continued to share.
In the middle of all of this discussion at church, Scott and Brandi attended the Upper Peninsula State Fair in Escanaba. While there, they met Alisa Fox at a booth sponsored by the Upper Peninsula SDA Churches. Scott and Brandi shared with her how much they enjoyed listening to Strong Tower Radio
and were looking for a SDA Church near their home in which to attend. As they continued conversing, Alisa soon found that they lived only a short distance from the McMillian Northwoods SDA Church where she herself attended! Alisa quickly invited them to come and be her special guests that upcoming Sabbath. They quickly accepted her invitation.
For a short time, Scott and Brandi attended their current church and the Northwoods SDA Church simultaneously. They continued to share the truths they continued to learn while listening to Strong Tower Radio and as they attended the Northwoods SDA Church, but to no avail. It was becoming increasingly difficult to even bring up many of the subjects of contention, so after much prayer and contemplation, they decided it was time to kick the dust off their feet and move on. They had finally found God’s true church. They were home!
Written by George Corliss